This is how we are and how we introduce ourselves

Euprepio Padula

CEO Padula & Partners

About Euprepio

Euprepio was born in Francavilla Fontana, in the Italian region of Puglia, Euprepio Padula studied law and took his first professional steps as a lawyer at IBM, but immediately his path was crossed with Human Resources and Business Organization. This let him his incorporation with only 26 years, in 1992, to Nicholson International, a British company leader in executive selection processes. His career in this organization was as fast as his international progression was. Euprepio Padula was immediately promoted to the General Direction for Spain, southern Europe and South America.

In 2002 he joined the World Executive Committee of Alexander Mann, the leading British corporation in the world in terms of Human Resources and Leadership solutions. In Alexander Mann, he reached the position of Director, worldwide, of Executive Search and Leadership Management. In 2005, tired of the ties of the big multinationals, he decided to create his own firm, Padula & Partners, dedicated to the search of Executives and to the Strategic Consultancy of Human Resources and political and business Leadership.

Interested in the human aspect of companies and systems in general and in the personal transcendence of the individual through work, Euprepio Padula has specialized in the management of emotions as a common thread of the Executive and Group Coaching programs that he teaches, from years ago, both senior executives and politicians and Management Committees of some of the most important multinationals in the world, having specialized in all areas that are related with communication and leadership.

In recent years, this activity has become more important as a Coach and Expert in Leadership, which has achieved an extraordinary prestige, in Spain and in the rest of Europe and Latin America. Euprepio Padula regularly collaborates with relevant politicians and Administration leaders and combine his business activity with a prolific facet as a painter, for more than ten years, which has led him to close the circle of his passions, joining what he has always felt for the field of Human Resources with his concern for art.

He has participated in many individual and group exhibitions in many countries and his work is in important privates collections in Europe and the United States. Through this parallel artistic activity, Euprepio Padula has created the new concept of “Art & Business”, through which he channels the creativity and artistic sensibility present in any individual as a key of his improvement and professional excellence. Above all, he considers himself as a Renaissance spirit that firmly believes that, in life, you can reach all the desired goals without having to focus only on a specific area. For this reason, it promotes, through its work, creative and inspiring leaderships, placing outside of its “comfort zones” leaders from very diverse sectors.

Euprepio Padula is a successful lecturer. Stand out his round tables and public interventions, both on the Leadership in the XXI century and about key aspects in the company today. Change management, business transformation, diversity and conscious capitalism are also outstanding areas of his professional experience and are the most demanded by public institutions and private organizations.

He is an expert in conflict mediation, both in private corporations and in the political field, and has trained managers, politicians and businessmen from very different sectors, as well as helping a good number of institutions, both in the management of change and in the solution of conflicts and in the development of their organizations.

In recent years, Euprepio Padula has established himself as a renowned communicator in different media, in which he has set out to place on the television, radio and print press agenda all aspects related to political and business leadership. His blackboards had been groundbreaking in La Sexta. Never Mariano Rajoy, Pedro Sanchez, Pablo Iglesias, Albert Rivera and the rest of political leaders, had faced such a detailed analysis of their leadership, highlighting their strengths but also their areas for improvement. In the program “Más Vale Tarde”, from La Sexta, with Mamen Mendizábal, his “autopsies” of leadership and communication of public figures has been comented. In the space “Espejo Público”, of Antena 3 TV, he has placed under her particular magnifying glass, together with Susanna Griso, the majority of the most important social and political events.

Sonsoles Seijas

Certified Strengths Coach & PCC by ICF

About Sonsoles

Sonsoles Seijas is Executive Coach, Team Coach, Consultant in Transformation and Development of Organizations, Leadership and Change Management and Project Leader in Mergers and Acquisitions processes.

With more than 25 years of experience in the Human Resources Department, She assumed important challenges within the companies where he has worked, promoting and integrating Human Resources as a strategic area for the business. She has demonstrated a great experience in management, change management and company culture.

Sonsoles, has extensive national and international experience in large multinational companies of the Technology and Automotive Sectors, been responsible for the management of Human Resources for Spain and Portugal, as a Human Resources directive at Sun Microsystems, Renault Trucks and Volvo Group.

She has been a strategic member of the Steering Committees, as well as of the European Executive Committees, being a key asset in the Merger and Acquisition processes, leading the central Integration teams, as well as a “Key Driver” in the management processes of the change, receiving international awards and recognition for his leadership role in the Change, Climate and Culture projects.

Law degree from the Complutense University of Madrid. As a Coach, it is certified by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC level) and by Gallup as Certified Strengths Coach. As a coach, he has been trained in: Gallup Strengths Center (36 hours), Co-Active Coaching Certification Program (CTI) (ACTP Program 200 hours); Systems and Relations Coaching of the Organization by the Center For Right Relationship (84 hours) and Life Coaching by the Garrigues School (30 hours).

Sonsoles has a high level of flexibility and adaptability to different environments, high capacity for innovation, creativity and learning capacity.

She, as an executive coach, stands out especially for his great audacity, intuition, empathy and passion, which favors that his clients go beyond, and develop their full potential

Miguel Ángel San Juan

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and Strategic Communication Consulting

About Miguel Ángel

Graduated in Journalism from the University of Valladolid (Spain), passionate about words and by storytelling, he specializes in social marketing, corporate communication and emotional speaking. He has managed different radio programs for interviews and news for stations such as COPE and Onda Madrid, among others. He collaborates punctually with different media and is the author of the book ‘Comunicación, Branding y Eventos Corporativos: estrategias de comunicación para un entorno digital e inclusivo’ (Communication, Branding and Corporate Events: communication strategies for a digital and inclusive environment).

In addition, having developed a large part of his career in the Third Sector, he has an integrating vision of concepts such as diversity or inclusion, with a very extensive expertise in project management in this sense and in the organization of social events aimed at giving visibility to solidarity causes, such as LGTBIQ+ rights or people with some type of disability.

Art lover, he has studied Egyptology and other ancient civilizations, as well of being the author of different novels and collections of poems among other genres, such as books for children, highlighting his collection of ‘Fables for diversity’, aimed precisely at raising awareness among children and their families about the importance of not discriminating against anyone and favoring the inclusion of all those who are or feel different.

He chairs several cultural associations in a constant commitment for giving voice to different causes and using the performing arts, another of his passions, as an engine for social change.

“I am fully convinced that words have an enormous transforming power and that anyone can’t lead a team, run a company or bring about real social change efficiently if a firm commitment to communication and development is not based on emotional intelligence”.


Daniela Padula

Senior Consultant

About Daniela
Born in Francavilla Fontana, Brindisi, Daniela has been living in Spain since 2001. Bachelor of Statistics and Economics by Bari University, her first professional steps developed in the field of Education. She moved to Milan in 1998 to join the start-up of Lanetro in Italy, managing the set-up of the financial, logistics and human resources areas of the company.
By year 2007 she becomes a member of our team, holding the position of Researcher and assigned to the sectors of Banking, Consumer Goods, Technology and Industry.
Daniela is bilingual Spanish – Italian, this enabling her to carry out international selection processes both in Spain and Italy.
Senior Consultant as of 2010, Daniela has adapted her knowledge and know-how on Cooking and Dietetics to our practice of Consulting. She is the responsible of “FoodforThoughts” projects, where we use the cooking environment as a connecting thread for our situational exercises. Specialized in projects for high performance teams development, she has been a pioneer in the research and implementation of new nutritional tendencies, within the framework of Human Resources management and training. For Daniela, the daily work of executives at their companies is similar to the atmosphere in a kitchen brigade, where the team working, the selection of ingredients, the people communication and organization are key drivers for a successful banquet.
“Thanks to my experience in the kitchen world, I have learnt to appreciate new flavors, to collaborate with the team, to cleverly use the ingredients, to share, and above all, to work with passion. My goal is to contribute with all this knowledge to our FoodforThoughts projects.”

Lidia Sardo

Senior Consultant

About Lidia
Lidia Sardo joins our team in 2006. Her international profile includes a Bachelor degree in English Philology and a certification on Human Resources and Selection issued by the HQ of Korn-Ferry at Los Angeles in 2001. Lidia is trilingual in Spanish, English and French, which has enabled her to deliver international selection processes in the entire European Continent.
At present Lidia is a Senior Consultant in charge of the Research Department for the practices of Technology, Banking, Pharma and Healthcare. She has accrued over 15 years of experience in the headhunting industry, having specialized in Executive Search in such international firms as Korn-Ferry, Booz Allen & Hamilton or Cátenon.
From a human point of view, Lidia contributes with highly developed working capacities for team-working: she manages her projects looking for an excellent harmony between Client and Candidate, with the touch of sensitivity of an artist.
”In choral music, each voice offers its pitch, its color, its suggestion; the result is an artistic product that is renewed to infinity, thanks to harmony, to concessions, to common effort and to team-working”

Cristina Chavarri

Administrative & Controlling Responsible

About Cristina
Bachelor of Education Sciences (Therapeutic Pedagogy, Educational Technology and Personal Counseling) by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Cristina Chavarri has accompanied Euprepio Padula all along his career path since his arrival to Spain in 1992. An assertive and determined person, Cristina accepts the challenge offered by Euprepio, joining the team as Financial Director of Padula & Partners as of its start-up in 2005. Her vast experience in the consulting arena goes back to 1992, having collaborated with such firms as Nicholson International or Alexander Mann.
Cristina has led an intense and varied career in the Consulting Industry. She has performed different functions that made her develop responsibilities in selection, research, training and, as of 1994, the responsibility over administrative and financial management. Therefore, her profile provides a great versatility and she constitutes an internal reference regarding professional experience for all of us. In her present role, Cristina handles communication with our clients and providers in financial, administrative and legal aspects.
“Throughout the years, experience has taught me that what really retains a customer and guarantees its satisfaction is quality in service, compliance with terms and conditions, and an honest and straightforward communication”.

Eurico Campano

Communications Director

About Eurico
Eurico Campano is a professional in the field of journalism who has spent his entire career in audiovisual media, both in television and radio. As one of the first employees of Antena 3 TV, he spent nineteen years helping develop the network. His roles outside of Madrid ranged from news services editor to director of the company’s branches in Galicia and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Following his return to the capital, he held positions of deputy editor of various daily news programs, manager of the Politics Department for the weekend news and supervisor for the area of Parliamentary Information.
Along the past years his drive for radio led him to create and lead both informational and entertainment formats for the now extinct Radio España de Madrid, Onda Cero and, more recently, Radio Intereconomía. In the latter position, he guided and presented various stock market and finance programs. Moreover, he was actively involved in television talk shows and was the assistant manager of the digital press, La Gaceta.
Due to his innate curiosity for economics and finance, he followed up his undergraduate degree in Information Science at Madrid’s CEU San Pablo University with a Master’s degree in Tax Law and International Fiscal Advice. He participated as guest speaker of different summer courses at both national and international colleges, such as UCM in Madrid and Pau in France. The last seminar he gave in 2017 was about the role of journalists and other intellectual authorities during the Spanish Transition.
In his current role, he shares his twenty five years of experience in media with the communication department of Padula & Partners.

María López

Senior coach

About María
María joins our team in 2011, contributing with a solid reputation of a consistent professional career as Coach. She is an Ontological Coach certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), specialized in executive and team coaching. María López Herranz was the Head of Contents Commission of the ICF for the European Coaching Conference Madrid 2011, also being a member of the Spanish Coaching and Process Consulting Association (AECOP) y of the Creativity Coaching Association. Her academic background includes a Diploma in Translation and Interpretation, complemented by a Master in Direct Marketing and a Superior Course in Marketing On-Line by ESIC. María’s solid qualification as a Certified Coach makes her obtain a certificate of MBTI-Step I in Transactional Analysis. María is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.
First as a Creative Director and later as a Managing Director and member of the Steering Committee, she has gathered a relevant managing experience, being capable to offer a mature, strategic, qualified business vision.
María has been a lecturer in such prestigious entities as Universidad Europea de Madrid, ESIC, Instituto de Empresa and CESMA. As an expert in Coaching and member of related associations, she usually contributes with articles and papers to various specialized publications.
“We show what we are through our elections, not through our abilities”.

Marcela Paoli

Vocal Coach

About Marcela
She starts her studies of Dance and Music at an early age in La Plata City, Argentina, being later influenced by Pina Baush, Piazzolla, Graham, Ginastera, Stravinsky and Bach among others. This artistic vocation was briefly interrupted by her years dedicated to studies of Law, Philosophy and Teology. Her passion for innovation takes her to get in touch with Anne-Marie Speed and the world of EstillVoice Training. Then she obtains a degree in VoiceCraft, making practices in UK, USA and Spain. Master in Voice Pathologies by the Universidad de Alcalá, Marcela focuses in vocal training and re-education for voice professionals. Additionally she steps into business environment, using non-verbal language and theatre techniques to make executives reach an assertive and clear communication.
Her artistic career starts in Buenos Aires, in Julio Bocca Foundation and in the Music Superior Conservatory; she participates in theatre plays with relevant local artists, such as Juan Carlos Gené, Augusto Fernández, Susana Pampín and Pompeyo Audivert. She also plays a key role in TV formats of top audience, namely Operación Triunfo I, II and III as Academy Head and performs in the series Patito Feo, broadcasted in Spain, and Frecuencia 04 broadcasted in Catalonya. She also participates in infant TV formats as Cablín y Colores, and in Magical Tales of Mrs. Spider, .awarded Golden Disc in 1994. By 2009 Marcela faces another big challenge: CHICAGO EL MUSICAL MADRID. She wins the main character of Roxie Hart, sharing cast with Natalia Millán and Manuel Banderas. The play was a complete success. By 2015, Marcela joins our team, leading projects of voice skills development, oral presentations and vocal coaching.
With over 15 years of teaching experience, both in Argentina and in Spain, Marcela leads her own Training Workshop in Madrid.
“Apelar a la imaginación, a la resolución de situaciones no conocidas y fuera del área de confort, transformando nuestros límites en un trabajo con el otro, cambiando el rumbo sobre la marcha en un marco de escucha y respeto. Así se aprende. Se entrena. El teatro nos lo da.”