What we do

Our way of working

Executive search

An experience of over 25 years

An experience of over 25 years gives us a deep knowledge of the most qualified professionals in the market, in any industry or holding any technical specialization. We know the people but also know the markets and the organizations, being aware of their challenges and circumstances.

We ensure the presentation of a first Short-List of Candidates in a maximum term of 4-5 weeks.
Our short-lists are composed of a minimum of 3 to 5 candidates, adequately referenced for the position.
Our results records show a success percentage over 95%.
Headhunting Mentoring
We include three bimonthly mentoring sessions with the Lead Consultant in charge of the process, during the 6-month period following the hiring.
All clients’ employees are considered off-limits for a 2-year period after the signing-up of any collaboration agreement with Padula & Partners.

Guarantee of a candidate replacement covers a 6-month to 1-year-period as of his/her joining the Company.

Training and Development

Customised solutions

Our offering can respond to almost any need of Training and Development, always from the point of view of a tailor-made work. Our team of Consultants and Coaches may adapt to any training scenario, considering each client’s requirements, as follows:


Training Programs, Support to Transformation and Digital Evangelization. We have been pioneers in strategic advice to companies in their digitalization processes, using the Human Resources Policies as a leverage.


We focus on the development of Managing Skills, in line with the following competencies:

People Leadership
Leadership in the Digital Era


 We propose a training plan for each Project, completely tailor-made, taking into account characteristics, dimensions and needs of the client.


Training to teams of trainers, Training in Selection Processes addressed to non-Human Resources executives, Mentoring for Internal Trainers, etc.


The success of Talent integral projects relies on an objective and thorough definition of roles and responsibility areas in the organization, as well as on the detailed analysis performed by the collaborators’ team, their strong points and their room for improvement. A balanced and constructive vision of where we are will enable a precise definition of where we are heading to…


Initiatives of different scope and format, in line with Training and Development policies, and addressed to High Potential Teams with a special impact on the company’s strategic plan or on the Succession Plan.


Aportamos 20 años de especialización en el diseño, ejecución e interpretación de Assessment Centres y Development Centres. Aportamos un equipo senior de especialistas en procesos y técnicas evaluativas que garantizan un informe de candidato completo y objetivo. Diseñamos e implementamos ambos procesos de manera individualizada, a medida de las necesidades de cada organización, con metodología propia.


Taking the Talent Map as a starting point, and in line with the company’s business strategy, we develop scalable, realistic and efficient Succession Plans. This tool constitutes a very useful answer to any contingency affecting Key Talent. Additionally, it provides a good projection to internal career plans, enabling the definition of a professional internal route for the employee.


An experience of over 25 years

Padula & Partners is one of the first consulting firms in Spain that launched a practice of Executive Coaching. In the last 25 years, we have defined a solid technical framework and a consistent criterion, capable to generate a new way of understanding Coaching. We identify Executive Coaching as an efficient development tool, focused on Business. Our methodology aims at the development of the following leadership skills:

Strategic vision

This is the capacity to define a global perspective going beyond the day-to-day operations.

People leadership

Ensuring the commitment and alinement of a motivated team, thus improving efficiency and results.


Capacity to develop people, fostering an adequate delegation and inspiring commitment and willingness to improve.

Emotional management

Emotions are present in all our decisions. Always. To actually lead a group of people today implies the efficient management of own and others’ emotions.

Commercial skills

Emotions are present in all our decisions. Always. To actually lead a group of people today implies the efficient management of own and others’ emotions.


A good assertiveness is the basis of an agile and transparent communication, essential to convey the adequate message to the team, to the clients and to the market in general.

Organizational consulting

Experience and independent vision

We offer an external point of view, qualified and consistent, to define and implement those action plans capable to generate an authentic professional excellence. We will use in this effort all the knowledge, the tools and techniques of our services portfolio. Our Consulting projects accompany organizations all through complex processes requiring an independent, pragmatic vision and experience.

Political Advice

We orient and advise future political leaders all along their path towards victory in an elections process.

We help the leader identify who his/her potential electors are, constructing and conveying the messages that define the project and that show him/her as the best candidate. We help him identify competitive advantages compared to his/her rivals and we build-up a strategy that, combined with the adequate tactics in the right moment, will enable the politician to surpass his opponents and win the elections.

The Soul’s Factory

The management of emotions

La Factoría del Alma centra su actuación en el desarrollo y mejora de la Gestión Emocional en las Organizaciones. Tiene como objetivo el acompañamiento, orientación y preparación de los profesionales que dirigen las organizaciones ante sus momentos de mayor complejidad emocional. Los objetivos estratégicos que nuestra Factoría del Alma se ha marcado son:


Precisely on the Soul of organizations, on the emotional side of people.


 A new approach in the relationship with work, with the personal and professional environment, emphasizing on the adaptation to change (personal and professional), in the decision-making process, etc.


he Soul’s Factory takes us to a new dimension in terms of Cooperation and Solidarity. We have decided to make a step forward, generating a Solidarity Legacy contributing to a NGO with the financial investment and the effort of participants and Coaches. A part of the income generated by this activity will be devoted to a Solidarity Project, in line with Corporate Social Responsibility projects of our clients. By helping others to fulfill the most basic people needs through the Soul’s Factory, our purpose is to become a bridge between business and human values.